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The Musical Museum

399 High Street, Brentford, Greater London TW8 0DU
Telephone 0871 560 9473

The Musical Museum

During your visit to the musical museum you will experience the fascinating world of automatic musical instruments through a continuous demonstration in which the instruments are explained and played.

Sounds from the past fill the air: the sweet-tones musical box - the grandeur of the pipe organ - the subtle sound of the concert pianist - the racy rhythms of ragtime. Whether the instruments were for the exclusive homes of the  wealthy, or more humble dwellings, their background is explained and you will see and hear then play automatically.

You should allow 90 minutes or so for your visit. That way you can enjoy such marvels as Mills Violano-Virtuoso which plays a violin and a piano, the Steinway Duo-Art grand piano which reproduces exactly the performance of pianists such as Gershwin or Myra Hess, the "Clarabella"  which contains all the instruments of a small band and the mighty Wurlitzer cinema organ which thrilled thousands in years gone by.

In addition to normal public opening times, the museum holds regularly a  series of summer concerts but due to their popularity and limited seating capacity, advanced bookings is essential

Opening Times and Admission
Please telephone to confirm opening times and admission prices.

The Musical Museum